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Recover Mattress: Taking the Weight Off Your Back

Recover Mattress: Taking the Weight Off Your Back

Cyclists need Recover Mattress for its powerful lower back support.

Lower back pain is one of the most common challenges cyclists face. Poor spinal health can be experienced by anyone, but it is most common among young cyclists. Back issues often result from poor posture—both on and off the bike.



Recover Mattress can carry the weight, so your back doesn’t break.

A bad mattress can cause injury


Whether from an aggressive biking position or slouching at the office—spinal alignment is either improved or worsened with sleep. Many top athletes have performances stifled because they sleep on stiff mattresses that restrict flexibility in the lumbar or vertebrae.

Others are plagued by sagging mattresses that cause their spine to over-rotate while they sleep—creating a muscle imbalance in their lower back.


Sleep is supposed to help you recover, but for too many, it is the birthplace of injury.

Recover Mattress to the Rescue

Recover Mattress helps athletes establish an ideal spinal alignment—so they can prevent injury and recover for the next bike session. Our tested hybrid composition technology layers UltraHigh-Density Foam (with imbedded pressure-relief and cooling technology) above a 1,033 Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation.


Recover Mattress can carry the weight, so your back doesn’t break.


A hybrid construction combines best qualities of foam and spring-only mattresses, and eliminates the problems they cause cyclists. Recover Mattress features an ideal layer UltraHigh-Density foam to prevent spinal inclination and provide pressure relief technology. Simultaneously, a pocket-spring base layer creates cooling airflow and supports body weight to eliminate sagging.

Hybrid mattresses are a scientific harmony of comfort and support.

See for yourself, and try Recover Mattress


Try Recover Mattress, risk-free, for 100 days.

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