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Our Hybrid

The Premium Hybrid Mattress

Delivered in a box right to your door.
Open it up, the premium pocket springs release
and your bed is ready for a great night's sleep.

The Premium Hybrid Mattress
Hybrid Technology

Ultra High - Density Foam

Embedded with pressure-relief technology. Recover Mattress's top layer is formed from the densest memory foam available (4 lbs / cubic feet)


Gel - Infused Viscoelasticity

The coolest foam we could find. Viscoelasticity evenly distributes weight to prevent foam cradling, while gel whisks heat for a cooler night's sleep.


Fusion Foam Layer

An inch-thick transitionary poly fuses UltraHigh-Density Foam with our Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation. 2 lbs / cubic feet of binding power.


Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation

We encased 1,033 ComfortCore® Coils individually in the fabric, giving the capability to compress individually, so Recover Mattress supports your exact body shape.


ActivEdge Technology

We stagger three unique sets of ComfortCore® Coils for optimal support. Quantum Coils line the side rails, while Caliber - Steel Coils make the header and footer.


Poly Base Layer

An inch-thick flexible poly layer allows Recover Mattress to bend 24% easier - making it perfect for adjustable bases and compression technology.

Recover Hybrid Mattress is Cooler and more Durable

Our Bolsa® fabric-encased coil springs allow greater airflow, which means a much cooler night's sleep versus a foam mattress. This reinforced Quantum Edge features Quantum coil side rails with Caliber™ steel springs at the head and foot. Provides a better edge than foam encasement, reduces or eliminates that roll-off feeling, and delivers a consistent sleep surface. The Quantum Edge has been proven 26% more durable than foam encasements. And the pre-compressed coils create a firm surface that makes the unit more responsive to body movements.

Recover Hybrid Mattress is Cooler and more Durable

Recover Hybrid Mattress
Supports Proper Body Alignment

The pocket springs and dense foam work together to provide proper back alignment.  And the high density foam gives you more durability with consist support year after year.

Recover Hybrid Mattress<br>Supports Proper Body Alignment

Foam-Only Mattress, Year 1

Compare to a new foam-only mattress that promotes poor body alignment.


Foam-Only Mattress, Year 3

Compare to a three-year-old foam-only mattress. Low density foam offered by foam bed-in-box companies leads to foam SAG.

Sleep Easy

Recover Mattresses is centiPUR certified. No ozone depleters, formaldehyde, phthalates, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals.

By eliminating foam encasements, we save 40 gallons of crude oil for every 100 queen mattresses we make.

Every year, our manufacturer repurposes nearly a million tons of scrap steel to create ComfortCore Coils and other innersprings.

Using compression technology, we ship Recover Mattress directly to your home. No showrooms, no salesmen—and no more wasted energy.

Durability Defined

Our athletes punish their bodies, so we punished their beds. We exhaustively tested Recover Mattress to ensure it would exceed your expectations. We impressed 100,000 Rollator Cycles to see how much it sagged.

And it didn’t: after decades of simulated sleep, Recover Mattress loss only 2.2% of its firmness. We had to use laser measurement technology to detect any depression. Even then, we only found -.030 inches. For comparison, a human hair is only .004 inches thick.

Finally, an affordable mattress that will last the test of time.