Hips Don't Lie: Recovr Mattress Promotes Hip Health

Runners need Recovr Mattress to support hip wellness and prevent injury.


Several physiological studies have linked hip weakness to the most common running injuries. IT Band Syndrome, Patella Tendonitis (Runner’s Knee), Piriformis Syndrome, and several others can all be caused by agitated hip flexors.

Recovr Mattress is designed to eliminate pressure on the hips and maintain proper hip alignment. Let your mattress take the pressure, so you can run with pleasure.


A Bad Bed can Cause Injury

Foam-only mattresses can't maintain their shape. Users initially report a slight incline in their hip alignment, until their mattress begins to slowly sink under them. Over time, mattress sag contorts the spine and places enormous pressure on the hips. Because running already strains hip abductors, the this added pressure can cause injuries along the posterior chain of muscles.


Spring-only mattresses are too firm, and create an opposite upward curve. These outdated mattresses artificially raise the hips, and force the downward pressure on the waist. This only worsens hip inequalities, and causes lower back pain.

 [Image Toby had in mind with mattress sag]

Sleep is supposed to help you recover, but for too many, it is the birthplace of injury.


Recovr Mattress to the Rescue



Recovr Mattress fuses UltraHigh-Density Foam with a foundation of 1,033 Premium Pocket-Springs into an optimal hybrid construction that maintains proper hip alignment and combats injury. Get your injury relief.


Why Hybrid? 

A hybrid construction combines best qualities of foam and spring-only mattresses, and eliminates the problems they cause runners. Recovr Mattress features an ideal layer UltraHigh-Density foam to prevent spinal inclination and provide pressure relief technology. Simultaneously, a pocket-spring base layer creates cooling airflow and supports body weight to eliminate sagging.


Hybrid mattresses are a scientific harmony of comfort and support.


See for yourself, and try Recovr Mattress


Look Inside Recovr Mattress


UltraHigh-Density Foam

Recovr Mattress features an ideal layer of UltraHigh-Density foam embedded with tested pressure-relief technology. Our UltraHigh-Density foam weighs 4 pounds per cubic foot. Twice as thick as our competitors, so you'll never sink.


Pocket-Spring Foundation

Recovr Mattress starts from the ground up with our Premium Pocket-Spring base layer. This isn't just hot air: we bring thousands of pocket springs together to keep our UltraHigh-Density foam in place, year after year.


Try Recovr Mattress, risk-free, for 100 days.



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