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Recover Mattress: The Best Bed for CrossFitters

Whether you're recovering from the WOD, or wanting to improve muscle growth—CrossFitters need a Recover Mattress to sleep better, so they can train harder.

To boost muscle gain and eliminate potential injury,crossfitters  need nighttime support—especially for their sore muscles. The design team at Recover Mattress has studied how a body sleeps after CrossFit, and developed cutting-edge sleep surface technology to treat all your pressure points.
Recover Mattress combines UltraHigh-Density foam with a 1,033 Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation,, so you can recover for the next WOD.
Why Recover?
Recover Mattress implements an optimal hybrid construction in order to satisfy the versatile needs of a punished body during sleep. Our surface exclusively features UltraHigh-Density foam, which weighs in at 4 lbs / ft3 compared to our competitor's 2 lbs / ft3. Beneath this ultra dense surface, an inch-thick Fusion Foam layer transitions the mattress into our 1,033 Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation. This foundation features 3 distinct types of fabric-encased ComfortCore Coils, as well as ActivEdge technologyto create constant support, ensure durability, and promote cooling airflow.
After a long set of cleans, or session of kettle bells, crossfitters need their best night's sleep. Recover Mattress is an affordable method to sleep better, so you can recover better.
mattress back alignment

How does it work?
Recover Mattress is a catalyst of muscle growth. On the surface, Recover Mattress soothes your sore muscles with UltraHigh-Density foam, embedded with our perfected pressure-relief technology. Beneath comfort, Recover Mattress establishes critical support with its Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation.
Because cross fitters need to keep their sore core stable during sleep, we encased over one thousand ComfortCoils in fabric, so they can compress independent from one another. This allows Recover Mattress to contour to your distinct body shape, maintaining proper back, neck, core, and hip position.
Our ActivEdge technology promotes a neutral body position, and keeps your body from shifting during sleep. We implement 3 types of ComfortCoils: the central Bolsa Coil unit; side rails of narrow-diameter Quantum Coils; as well as a header and footer made of Caliber-Steel Coils. From the edge to the center, Recover Mattress will keep you sleeping better.
Our Premium-Pocket Spring Foundation is made porous to promote airflow, keeping Recover Mattress cool and comfortable, from bedtime until the morning workout.

Durability Defined
Standard foam-only mattresses sagbut Recover Mattress is dedicated to durability. We use only the densest foam available (4 lbs / ft3) and craft it upon thousands of Premium Pocket-Springs produced by a mattress-manufacturing market leader. Recover Mattress gives durability so you can get stronger.
NOTE: The Recover Mattress is not sponsored by or endorsed by Crossfit, Inc.
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