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  • Muscle recovery and better sleep for active lifestyles
  • The world’s only performance hybrid mattress shipped to your home in a box
  • ComfortCore® fabric-encased innersprings that are comfortable, contouring, and durable. These individually wrapped coils isolate motion transfer to minimize partner disturbance. Additionally, each coil flexes and moves independently to deliver support where it's needed most.
  • The perfect fusion of Premium Pocket-Springs for support and UltraHigh-Density Foam for pressure relief
  • Eco-Friendly CertiPUR Certified
  • 4 lbs / ftUltraHigh-Density Foam for added durability
  • 100 Night Risk-Free Trial
  • Fast, Free Shipping


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Why Recover?

To prevent injury and improve performance, athletes need nighttime support—especially for their spine. The design team at Recover Mattress has studied exactly how an exhausted athlete sleeps. Then, we developed cutting-edge technology to treat all the observed pressure points. 

Recover Mattress features four scientifically designed layers, including UltraHigh-Density Foam and a 1,033 Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation.

We did the work, so you can recover for your next workout.

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How it works

On the surface, Recover Mattress soothes sore muscles with UltraHigh-Density Foam, embedded with perfected pressure-relief technology. Beneath comfort, Recover Mattress establishes critical support with its Premium Pocket-Spring Foundation. Because athletes need to keep their spine from shifting while they sleep, we encased over one thousand ComfortCore Coils individually in fabric, so they can compress independently.

Recover Mattress contours to your exact body shape to maintain spinal alignment.

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Durability defined

Our athletes punish their bodies, so we punished their beds. We exhaustively tested Recover Mattress to ensure it would exceed your expectations. We impressed 100,000 Rollator Cycles to see how much it sagged.

And it didn’t: after decades of simulated sleep, Recover Mattress loss only 2.2% of its firmness. We had to use laser measurement technology to detect any depression. Even then, we only found -.030 inches. For comparison, a human hair is only .004 inches thick.

Finally, an affordable mattress that will last the test of time.

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Sagging expectations for foam mattresses

Firm for the first few months.

Foam-only mattresses come firm out the package, but can't keep their shape for long. Foam-only users initially report a slight incline in their spinal alignment. Soon their mattress begins to sink beneath them.

Depressed until replaced.

Night after night of hundreds of pounds of pressure adds up—and presses down. After our competitors' 100-day guarantees are up, their foam-only mattresses transform into back-bending, heat-trapping, unusable foam pits. 

Don't Fall for Foam-Only

Toby Teeter, Founder

"Like so many avid cyclists, I have always struggled with back pain. Over the years, I've bought several different beds to try to alleviate my pain. I eventually realized there were no high-quality, reasonably priced, performance mattress on the market. After working with some of the finest bed manufacturers in the country, I am finally able to sleep well and ride without pain.

I want to share Recover Mattress, so everyone can enjoy a good night's sleep without worrying about high costs or low durability."

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